Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shabu Shabu Take Two at David's Tea House, A. Venue Makati

One rainy Sunday night with baited breath, we head on to Makati Avenue for dinner. We decided to give this restaurant a 2nd chance.

David's Tea House, A.Venue Mall Makati
For those who know the story, you understand why we were hesitant to go back. That particular bad experience left a really bad taste in our mouths. Suffice to say, they were in great need of a thorough food inspection. But enough of that, let's try to start anew.

David's gives off a bright cozy vibe, with big flower vases adorning the walls and the intricately designed lamps. The light brown/ dark brown interiors with the large mirrors that shows the streets of Makati Ave, makes you feel that you can spend hours just chatting and relaxing here.

We were in the mood for shabu shabu. Since we were seated at a round table (booths are equipped with gas range under the table), we had to make use of the portable gas range. For the soup, we had a combination of SatePlain Soup.

Radish Cake
While waiting for our shabu shabu orders, we had the Radish Cake. They served it hot and crunchy, just the way we like it. Although I was looking for the usual Hoisin sauce & hot sauce that comes with every order. It was soft and tender on the inside.

Shabu Shabu Set
Fish Fillet
We ordered their Shabu Shabu set (P680). For a choice of vegetables, we ordered the Taiwan Pechay and Watercress.  For the seafood, we called Fresh Shrimps and Fish Fillets. For the balls, we had Squid Balls and Pork Mushroom Balls. We also had Fried Tofu, Gabi and Tao Pao. For meat, we had Chicken and Pork. We also ordered Sotanghon noodles. Yup, we were in for the long haul. :)

NOTE: The shrimps were really fresh, some were even jumping on to our table. They also make their own squid balls, and they're yummy.

We had extra orders of the following:

Egg Mami
Squid Balls
The good thing about David's shabu shabu, you don't have to think of the different cooking times. What we usually do is just dump everything in. You just have to check the soup and lower the flames so it won't get burned.

Ahhh... a wonderful aroma soon wafted in the air. You can see the smoke rising from the pot. Time to eat. :)

One of the many bowlfuls of shabu shabu I had that night.

Due to the past incident, I've decided not to give any Food Stars rating. This is an eat-at-your-own-risk type of review. 

'Til our next Good Eat!

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